Which records are available electronically?

Many of the LTSA's historical records are title-related paper documents that are securely stored in land title office vaults. All paper documents...

Who has access privileges to the LTSA vault?

Many land surveyors, historical researchers and registry agents have direct access privileges to the LTSA vault....

What types of survey plans retained by the LTSA are of historical interest?

Various survey plans of historic interest are retained by the LTSA, including:

  • Indian reserve plans
  • Federal Harbour plans....

As a result of LTSA's research to test the colour digitization of historic land title records, some preliminary sample images were created.

The selection of document images was made on the basis of a typical search to trace the ownership of a particular piece of land and includes the major record series:

To demonstrate how the major land title record series are inter-related, a list has been compiled of some of the transactions between the years 1870 and 1912 that relate to land in New Westminster.