Which records are available electronically?

Many of the LTSA's historical records are title-related paper documents that are securely stored in land title office vaults. All paper documents...

Who has access privileges to the LTSA vault?

Many land surveyors, historical researchers and registry agents have direct access privileges to the LTSA vault....

What types of survey plans retained by the LTSA are of historical interest?

Various survey plans of historic interest are retained by the LTSA, including:

  • Indian reserve plans
  • Federal Harbour plans....

In early 2005, the LTSA committed to undertake a detailed inventory of the historic records held in the three land title offices located at Victoria, New Westminster, and Kamloops.

As of 2013, the contract archivist conducting the inventory had reviewed and recorded more than 3,300 entries in the historic records inventory database that was designed to produce reports that comply with national archival standards.

Each entry represents either an individual bound volume or a sub-series of documents or plans. Each volume or sub-series inventoried has been labelled with its unique inventory number.

The inventory of the paper format historic records of the seven original Land Title Offices and the Surveyor General Division is essentially complete.

An overview of progress as of March 2013 provides the outside date range and the physical extent of the main land title record series captured in the inventory, as well as an inventory description for each. A digital scan of a typical page for seven different record series shows the type of information each contains.

Inventory updates continue to occur on an ongoing basis.