The PDF iconOperating Agreement between the Province and the LTSA, establishes a requirement for a ten year performance review of the LTSA. This review includes an assessment of specified LTSA performance obligations and the sufficiency of LTSA revenues.

The LTSA Ten Year Operations Report was produced in 2015 by a jointly selected independent consultant, Daryl Brown. The report was primarily based on interviews conducted with members of the LTSA, a review of LTSA audited financial statements and independent customer research reports, and input gathered from government staff with significant business involvement with the LTSA.

The consultant found that over the past ten years:

  • The LTSA has had a high degree of success in managing BC's land title and survey systems in the public interest. Close collaboration with the Province on operational and strategic matters has been instrumental in this success.
  • Going forward, continuing improvement of the land title and survey systems under LTSA leadership can be expected to produce ongoing stability, confidence and customer satisfaction with the systems.

To provide context, a backgrounder is also available for download.