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June 15, 1998


Re: Integrated Survey Area Official Plans and Coordinates

New coordinate listings, based on the International Terrestrial Reference Framework 1986 (solution-March 1998), have been published by the Ministry of Environment Lands and Parks for all of British Columbia. The publication is referred to as "NAD83 (CSRS)" (North American Datum 1983 Canadian Spatial Reference System).

This publication is the result of over two years effort of data preparation and processing of many new and existing geodetic control surveys throughout the province. The new reference system will provide greater accuracy in an absolute sense and better compatibility with satellite based surveys. It should be noted that in a relative sense across small distances, the changes in coordinates would generally not be significant to most users--angles and distances between immediate monuments will generally remain the same.

New NAD83 (CSRS) coordinates and new official plans for the following integrated survey areas have been issued as supplementary certificates and are now on record in the appropriate land title offices and municipalities.

1 Surrey
2 Dawson Creek
3 Nelson
5 Elkford
6 Granisle
7 Logan Lake
8 MacKenzie
9 Cranbrook
10 North Cowichan
22 North Saanich
29 Sidney
30 Saanich
32 Parksville
33 Tumbler Ridge
34 Oak Bay
35 Port Moody
38 Esquimalt
39 Prince George
42 White Rock
44 North Vancouver City

The remaining integrated survey areas have outstanding replacement survey projects that were on hold awaiting the completion of the new NAD83 (CSRS) readjustment, or require a provincial order to amend the survey area boundary. The remaining projects and orders will be completed over the next number of months. Coordinate information may be accessed through Geographic Data BC's MASCOT Website. Please note that there is an on-line form for reporting monument conditions and reports are updated on a daily basis.

Survey plans within integrated survey areas must be prepared using NAD83 (CSRS) derived grid bearings. There will be a grace period until August 31, 1998 for surveys which are largely already completed. We urge surveyors to complete plans using NAD83 (CSRS), where possible, for all surveys not at the drafting stage. Please include an explanatory note for surveys prepared using the previously published NAD83 coordinate reference.

In order to clearly define a survey plan bearing reference, the following modified certificate under Part 5, Section 116 (n) of the General Survey Instructions must be used:

"Integrated Survey Area No. (name), NAD83 (CSRS)"

A change in the integrated survey area bolt numbering has been implemented. Survey bolts for new integrated survey monuments will have the letters "SG" stamped on the tablet marking to differentiate the survey monument from monuments within the MASCOT survey control database.

Further to Circular Letter No. 399 (retired), design and testing is underway to develop Web based viewer access for integrated survey area official plans and new integrated survey area replacement monuments. It is expected that the plans and new supplementary certificates will be able to be viewed, navigated and printed online from the Crown Land Registry Services Web site.

Yours sincerely,

Chuck Salmon
Surveyor General