November 22, 2001


Re: Official Coordinates for Integrated Survey Areas within Greater Victoria

New official integrated survey area coordinate listings have been deposited in the Victoria land title office for the following eight areas:

ISA No. 17 Victoria
ISA No. 21 Central Saanich
ISA No. 22 North Saanich (also - one updated official plan)
ISA No. 29 Sidney
ISA No. 30 Saanich
ISA No. 34 Oak Bay
ISA No. 38 Esquimalt
ISA No. 40 Colwood

The new coordinate listings are the result of a major refresh adjustment process following a comprehensive special order control survey recently done in support of establishing an urban active control system within the Capital Regional District. The new coordinate listings supersede the previous listings.

Legal surveys must be integrated according to Part 5 of BC Reg. 229/2001, General Survey Instruction Regulation. A grace period will be allowed for surveys started prior to the deposit of the new official coordinate listings, however, all surveys forwarded to the land title office for deposit on or after February 1, 2002 must comply with these new coordinates.

Yours sincerely,

Original Signed by Chuck Salmon

Chuck Salmon
Surveyor General and Director