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City of Penticton Adopts ParcelMap BC

The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) is pleased to announce the City of Penticton has successfully completed its adoption of ParcelMap BC, the current, complete and trusted representation of titled and Crown land parcels in BC.

The City of Penticton is the first municipality to transition to using ParcelMap BC as its primary cadastral layer rather than continuing to maintain its own parcel dataset. The system went live on March 4, 2019 and the City of Penticton is now ‘keeping you informed’ by shifting its focus to building more value-add information layers on top of the parcel dataset available through ParcelMap BC.  ‘Adopting the ParcelMap BC cadastral fabric has contributed towards our corporate goal of creating efficiencies by streamlining internal business processes. We also have faster turnaround times on property information updates, which in turn provides our citizens with more accurate information,’ explained Dave Polvere, IT Manager, City of Penticton. ‘The City of Penticton is leading the way for other municipalities in BC to replace their in-house parcel information by adopting ParcelMap BC. From operational efficiencies through to a more data-rich offering, local governments can reinvest resources to providing its constituents and stakeholders with higher value information,’ added Brian Greening, Director ParcelMap BC Products.

The LTSA, with partners the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICI Society), are  helping BC local governments transition to ParcelMap BC through the establishment of an Adoption Working Group (AWG). AWG members include participants representing local governments, utilities, the Provincial government, BC Assessment, land surveyors and other organizations who can realize benefits from ParcelMap BC adoption.  Since its inception in July 2018, a total of 11 local governments have completed their adoption of ParcelMap BC, with over 60 other organizations currently assessing their transition. Visit to learn more.

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