What types of records does the LTSA maintain?

The LTSA's land title and survey records can be divided into several general categories. Historical records have enduring value for legal, survey...

Does LTSA retain copies of Crown land grants?

The LTSA has a copy of most of the Crown land grant dispositions issued by the various Crown agencies, including the earliest Crown grants issued...

Who has access privileges to the LTSA vault?

Many land surveyors, historical researchers and registry agents have direct access privileges to the LTSA vault....

What types of survey plans retained by the LTSA are of historical interest?

Various survey plans of historic interest are retained by the LTSA, including:

  • Indian reserve plans
  • Federal Harbour plans....

Key pieces of information found in Crown grant documents include:

  • Government file number, which enables access to files containing information on the original Crown grant application
  • Crown grant number
  • Date grant was created
  • Name, address, occupation and tenant terms of who the land was granted to
  • Purchase price, or consideration paid
  • Legal description of the land granted
  • Statutory provisions that the granted land is subject to
  • May contain express words for limitation of estate, such as "access by water only"
  • Express words for any reserves, exceptions or prior rights of way, for example, timber exclusion, or lands crossed by statutory right of way
  • Normally contains a "tracing" - the official plan confirmed by the Surveyor General showing the area granted and surrounding cadastral information