What types of records does the LTSA maintain?

The LTSA's land title and survey records can be divided into several general categories. Historical records have enduring value for legal, survey...

Does LTSA retain copies of Crown land grants?

The LTSA has a copy of most of the Crown land grant dispositions issued by the various Crown agencies, including the earliest Crown grants issued...

What information is contained in a Crown grant?

Key pieces of information found in Crown grant documents include:

  • Government file number, which enables access to files containing...
Who has access privileges to the LTSA vault?

Many land surveyors, historical researchers and registry agents have direct access privileges to the LTSA vault....

Various survey plans of historic interest are retained by the LTSA, including:

  • Indian reserve plans
  • Federal Harbour plans.
  • Townsite, Dominion plans, and Township plans
  • Royal Engineer survey plans
  • Special timber license and mineral claim surveys
  • E&N Railway surveys
  • Meridian and parallel surveys
  • Hydrographic, topographic and road and trail surveys
  • Official plans
  • Parks and protected area plans
  • Church property plans
  • Municipal boundary plans and improvement district plans