What should I do to prepare for Web Filing?

Customers can ensure their Juricert Digital Certificate is valid and uploaded to myLTSA. Customers who use conveyancing software packages that...

When will Web Filing be available?

The first phase of Web Filing is now available in myLTSA. A selection of Web Filing forms can now be accessed through the Web Filing menu...

How do Web Filing forms compare to current PDF forms?

The most significant difference between Web Filing forms and existing PDF form templates is that customers will no longer need to download PDF...

Does the cost for submissions change with Web Filing?

The fees associated with search and filing transacations remain the same. View Fees 

Is there a way I can use Web Filing in an offline mode?

Web Filing forms are only available online; there is no offline mode to create applications.

Changes to the Land Title Act came into force on November 15, 2019. New versions of the PDF form templates are needed to address these changes, prior to Web Filing forms being fully available in Summer 2020.   

Most notably, Part 10.1 of the Land Title Act, which governs electronic filing, is being repealed and replaced to clarify and simplify the legislation. While the current electronic filing scheme is largely being retained, the new Part 10.1 will:

  • Provide flexibility to account for future changes in technology and processes,
  • Enable the streamlining of various forms of electronic filing,
  • Retain, clarify and simplify the current electronic filing provisions.