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A property owner's legal title to land is legally protected in BC under the Land Title Act. The land title system in BC allows the selling and buying of land to occur with confidence and protects the system of real estate financing through the registration of mortgages.

In British Columbia, most land title and related lending transactions are conducted through professionals such as notaries and lawyers, who require proof of identity as part of their professional due diligence requirements.

Form 17 is a multi-use application. The completion requirements are dependent upon what additional documentation is to be attached to it.

Additional documentation includes:

These applications and documents require a filing letter:

The LTSA cautions against this due to risk to the local government. There are two key reasons why:

An individual who has been approved as a member of the Authorized Subscriber Register (ASR) may electronically sign specified land title forms on behalf of the organization for which they work for submission to the land title office through the Electronic Filing System (EFS).

The LTSA's land title and survey records can be divided into several general categories. Historical records have enduring value for legal, survey, research and conveyancing purposes and may include any of the following types of records.

Please consult your municipality or regional district with respect to all subdivision and consolidation questions and applications. A BC land surveyor can assist with the process.

Property owners may ask a real estate agent, seller of the condominium, or a professional with a myLTSA Enterprise account to request it on your behalf. See the Strata Property Information page for more information.