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Key Solution Providers Lead ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group Session #6

The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) and the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICI Society) held its sixth ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group (AWG) session on February 20, 2019. The agenda featured presentations from key solution providers to help participants make the most of ParcelMap BC in adopter organizations.

Esri Canada demonstrated how to integrate differing aspects of a cadastre (e.g. survey parcels, assessment features, and zoning) through a common user interface. They also introduced a suite of tools to assist organizations with interpreting and utilizing the ParcelMap BC Fabric Spatial Improvement change vectors product to aid in aligning other data layers such as roads, zoning and assets with ParcelMap BC.

Harterra Spatial Solutions provided an overview of the work they have done integrating ParcelMap BC into the City of Pentiction’s operations as the City finalizes its transition to fully adopt ParcelMap BC. Discussions focused on tools and processes for backend data updates, business system integration and reporting, and staff and constituent-facing services featuring ParcelMap BC.

DataBC clarified its organizational mandate within the Integrated Data Division to provide value-add products and services from the baseline ParcelMap BC data set. These value-add products may offer additional features, custom symbology, or a modified data structure to address extended needs, but also maintain a ‘baseline solidarity’ with the ParcelMap BC products that ensure compatibility ongoing.

Other discussions included:

  • Role of Additional Solution Providers
  • The City of Penticton’s overview noted a challenge they faced with integrating with their Tempest system. Noting this was a common issue for others, engaging additional solution providers (e.g. Tempest, Vadim) to participate in a future AWG session was discussed and efforts are underway to make this happen. Operational Activity Areas and Work Extents
  • Based on group feedback, the LTSA is investigating  opportunities to provide greater transparency into areas of planned and completed activity related to ParcelMap BC updates. Currently, spatial improvement areas (targeted & completed) can be visualized in the ParcelMap BC Spatial Improvement Assessment app, a Fabric History layer is available in the ParcelMap BC Search Service, and the Real World Changes and Fabric Spatial Improvements data products highlight the resulting temporal changes in ParcelMap BC. Planned Parcels
  • Benefits of planned or proposed (‘pre-registration’) parcels aligned with ParcelMap BC were discussed. While the LTSA is currently examining how to deliver supporting functionality as part of a broader services modernization initiative, it is largely recognized as being a policy issue and Stakeholder consultation is required.  The first phase may get to a ‘zero-day’ turnaround in ParcelMap BC ahead of the policy and practice revisions needed to realize the concept of proposed parcels.

The next ParcelMap BC AWG working session will be held on March 13, 2019.Do you have a suggestion for the group? Contact the facilitators at

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