Further to the service improvements announced in June 2018, the LTSA is planning additional improvements to address customer feedback from the 2016 LTSA Stakeholder/Customer Survey results.

Customers will realize benefits through Web Filing, launching in 2019, and other continuous improvement initiatives:

A. Clearer Defect Notices

  • Improve Land Title Practice Manual referencing in defect reasons
  • Improve defect notice legibility

B. Reduce the Incidence of Defects

  • Design Web Filing interface in collaboration with customers to ensure it is intuitive to use
  • Pre-populate web forms with title information to reduce typographical errors
  • Implement expandable fields in web forms, removing the need for optional schedules
  • Support the provision of a new Property Transfer Tax web form that is easier to complete
  • Enable more complete validation of each application and overall packages prior to submission

C. Improve Access to Help Materials

  • Provide expanded onscreen help during each step of Web Filing

The LTSA is conducting its next Customer Survey in September 2018, and results will be shared with customers in November 2018.