Who is responsible for maintaining ParcelMap BC?

The Surveyor General Services of the LTSA is responsible for the quality of the land survey structure for the Province, and the LTSA is the...

Where can land surveyors view the ParcelMap BC dataset specifications?

Visit the Survey Plan Datasets page to view the Survey Plan Dataset specification and other...

The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) and the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICI Society) continue to provide local governments with more resources and tools to facilitate the adoption of ParcelMap BC. The Adoption Working Group (AWG) held its fourth working session on December 16, 2018.

An important task for the AWG is identifying and communicating adoption plans, and monitoring progress for key datasets. Participation in the AWG by BC Assessment Authority and the Agriculture Land Commission has helped the group better understand their plans for ParcelMap BC adoption.

BC Assessment reported the BC Assessment Fabric is currently transitioning to ParcelMap BC as its main cadastre source. This process is expected to be complete in March 2019.

The Agriculture Land Commission is also planning their adoption of ParcelMap BC with completion before April 2019.

Additionally, the LTSA continues to work with NRCAN to develop standards and workflows that support Federal Lands’ alignment with ParcelMap BC.

The AWG is facilitated by the LTSA and ICI Society, with representation by participants from local governmentsthe Provinceland surveyors and other stakeholder groups who can benefit from adopting ParcelMap BC.

The next AWG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Contact the PMBC AWG facilitators at pmbc.awg@icisociety.ca for more information.