Most of the career opportunities at the LTSA are for Examiners of Title in Land Title services, or Technologists for Surveyor General services....

The purpose of the Authorized Subscriber Register (ASR) is to provide certain organizations that issue and submit land title documents over the...

Land title staff are unable to advise on legal rights or actions associated with land titles and charges. The Registrar of Land Titles and staff...

Section 381 of the Land Title Act establishes an exemption from payment of the statutory fees incurred by taxing authorities for searches...

In British Columbia, ownership of land is referred to as title to land (land title) and is documented by registration through the LTSA. Once...

Below are the top fast facts about British Columbia (BC) real estate:

What is the total value of privately-owned property in BC?

The value of private property in BC was $1.861 trillion as of January 2018.

While the assessment notices are released in January, the valuation date for estimating the market value of property is the previous July 1 (i.e. based on an assumption the properties sold on July 1, 2017). 

Source: BC Assessment Authority

How many home sales were processed by the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA), and the total value?

In 2017, there were 103,763 homes sold in BC, a 7.5% decrease from 2016, with a sales volume of $73.6 billion. 

Source: BC Real Estate Association Fact Sheet

According to the LTSA's land register, what is the number of current active titles and active charges in BC?

As of January 5, 2018, there were over 2.1 million Active Titles and 2.4 million Active Charges on those titles.

Source: Land Title and Survey Authority of BC

How much land in BC is Crown land, and how much is privately owned?

Provincial Crown land comprises about 94% of the total geographic area of BC, and about 5% of land in BC is privately owned. Federal Crown land comprises 1%.

Sources: Province of British Columbia

What is the total investment in BC private land construction projects?

The value of new construction in BC in 2017 was roughly $35.5 billion.

Source: BC Assessment

How many active strata corporations and strata lots are there in BC?

As of January 9, 2018, there were 31,100 filed strata plans and 637,205 active strata lots.

Source: Land Title and Survey Authority of BC