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The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) and the Integrated Cadastral Information (ICI) Society are pleased to confirm that the City of Kamloops has adopted ParcelMap BC as its authoritative cadastral parcel fabric representation. Kamloops is the largest incorporated municipal government to adopt ParcelMap BC since it was released in late 2018.

“The City of Kamloops is known for their progressive use of spatial data to provide solutions for residents and staff,” says Brian Greening, Director of ParcelMap BC Products at the LTSA. “Kamloops is now using ParcelMap BC to enable an automated process for updating their parcel data across the organization, previously a manual procedure. While this required an up-front investment of time and resources, the result has enabled Kamloops staff to shift priority onto other initiatives.”

The City of Kamloops joins a group of 54 organizations — including local governments and other provincial agencies — currently using ParcelMap BC as their primary cadastral layer. More than 130 other organizations are also currently assessing or transitioning to ParcelMap BC.

Serving as a common reference for parcel information in BC, ParcelMap BC provides standardized and up-to-date  parcel information which improves land-related research, planning and business decisions. The LTSA and ICI Society are actively supporting the adoption of ParcelMap BC by organizations such as local governments and major utilities. An Adoption Working Group has provided key direction and input to prioritize actions that deliver on this effort.

Organizations interested in adopting ParcelMap BC can complete the adopter checklist to evaluate their  readiness toward joining the growing community of ParcelMap BC adopters. Visit the LTSA website to learn more.