The LTSA and its subsidiary LandSure Systems Ltd. own and operate the myLTSA portal to host the LTSA's Electronic Search and Filing services. The...

Many of the LTSA's historical records are title-related paper documents that are securely stored in land title office vaults. All paper documents...

The LTSA provides a service charge discount to myLTSA Enterprise customers for the following reasons:

  • These customers typically...

The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) is pleased to announce enhancements to applications accessed on myLTSA: improvements to the ParcelMap BC Search service, and enhanced Surveyor General Scan on Demand capabilities. These updates represent the LTSA’s commitment to continually provide customers with exceptional service and innovative solutions in the operation and administration of British Columbia’s land title and survey systems.

ParcelMap BC Search now enables users to search:

  • Parcels by subdivided or unsubdivided short legal
  • Crown Features by plan number and parcel identification number (PIN)
  • Survey parcel details such as section, township, range and district lot information within a specific land district

New and restructured map layers improve the richness of data available, and customers will be able to find information more easily. Learn more by visiting ParcelMap BC Search Parcels help.

The enhanced Scan on Demand service provides a more flexible way for customers to order records from the Surveyor General’s vault. In addition to a dedicated menu option for faster service access, customers can now use free-form text to submit an order for digital images and survey documents. Surveyor General staff will review the order and provide a service quote that confirms fulfillment details and costs. Once the quote is approved, the order will be completed in the same way it is today, through direct delivery to the myLTSA Inbox with fees debited from the myLTSA account. More details are available at myLTSA Enterprise Scan on Demand help.