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Support Ended by Microsoft for Internet Explorer 9 and 10

The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) has updated the system requirements for its Electronic Services accessed on myLTSA Enterprise and myLTSA Explorer in response to Microsoft's announcement to end support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 effective January 12, 2016. The updated myLTSA system requirements recommend customers using Internet Explorer use version 11.

Customers using unsupported web browsers may find that some features do not function, the application does not load or other unexpected errors occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find out what version my Internet Explorer browser is?

Navigate to Help on the Internet Explorer menu bar and select About Internet Explorer. The pop-up will tell you what version of Internet Explorer you are using .

2. Does the LTSA support browsers other than Internet Explorer?

If you are using myLTSA for searches, it is compatible with other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The Electronic Filing System is only compatible with Internet Explorer.

3. Why has the LTSA updated its system requirements for web browsers?

Microsoft announced the end to security updates for versions 9 and 10 of Internet Explorer.  Security is very important to the LTSA, and as such, we will only recommend secure browsers for use by myLTSA users.