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The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) has introduced Parcel Activity Notifier, a new parcel monitoring service on myLTSA Enterprise.

The new service alerts myLTSA customers when a legal notation, register correction or pending activity, such as a transfer of land, claim of builders lien, mortgage, judgment, or statutory right of way, affects a parcel of land they have chosen to monitor. Notifications are delivered to the customer’s myLTSA Inbox, and can be automatically forwarded to one or multiple email addresses by setting forwarding options. It is the responsibility of the customer to order documents or plans or search for the title to determine the final outcome of any pending activity or to seek further information on title.

Parcel Activity Notifier delivers convenient and timely alerts providing customers:

  • Real-time knowledge of actions taken by participating parties in a multiple-party real estate deals, including when a lender files to discharge a mortgage
  • The ability to take immediate action upon notification to attain clarifying information or take next steps
  • Awareness of unexpected changes to titles, improving risk management
  • Convenient ordering of related documents, plan or titles from the subscription details

Subscriptions for a 180-day period are $5.00 and are subject to the myLTSA service charge and applicable taxes. The fee for Parcel Activity Notifier is based on a determination by an independent Fee Commissioner in the PDF iconReport of the Fee Commissioner dated October 23, 2015.

Please be aware that a Parcel Activity Notifier alert will not be delivered in the unlikely event a legal notation or the remarks of a charge are endorsed (i.e., text is added) without an application submitted against the monitored parcel, nor for the surrender of a Duplicate Certificate of Title (DCT) or of a Certificate of Charge. 

The ability to order Activity Advisory subscriptions has been discontinued. All existing Activity Advisory orders will continue to monitor designated parcels through to the subscription’s expiry and can be accessed via the Activity Advisory Log.