The purpose of the Authorized Subscriber Register (ASR) is to provide certain organizations that issue and submit land title documents over the...

In order to become a member of the ASR, an organization and its candidate for membership must complete and submit an ...

An individual who has been approved as a member of the Authorized Subscriber Register (ASR) may electronically sign specified land title forms on...

The Land Title and Survey Authority of BC (LTSA) confirms that, effective today, the following forms have been updated and are now available for download:

Form Template

Form A - Transfer23
Form B - Mortgage23
Survey Plan Certification12
Application to Deposit Plan14

The Director of Land Titles (Director) recommends that practitioners download the current versions of the electronic forms through the download forms templates page in myLTSA Enterprise under the Administration menu, or on the LTSA website. Older versions of electronic forms are still being accepted but will soon be phased out.

New Form Templates

The four new templates contain the following improvements:

Form A - Transfer (version 23) and Form B - Mortgage (version 23)

  • The Form D schedule of executions is aligned with the main form in version 23.
  • When saving or electronically signing on the Fielded Schedule, customers will receive a warning or error message if:
    • The fractional interest field(s) is empty.
    • Blank spaces are entered in the name field(s).
    • Decimals are entered in fractional interest field.

Survey Plan Certificates (version 12)

  • An option for air space plan certification is now available.

Application to Deposit Plan (version 14)

  • In item 3 for number of lots created, the default value of 1 has been removed for the following plan types:
    • Airspace
    • Reference or Explanatory
    • Strata
    • Strata Amendment
    • Strata (Hardcopy Amendment)
    • Strata (Phased)
    • Strata (Hardcopy Phased)
    • Subdivision
  • Surveyor General Approval for Exemption from Integration within ISA has been removed.

Revised Director's Requirements Documents

The following revisions have been made to the Director's Requirements documents:

1. PDF iconElectronic Filing of Land Title Documents DR 01-11 
(formerly named Director's Requirements for Electronic Filing)

The revised version describes the framework for requirements related to the electronic filing. It also identifies and provides links to other documents with specific requirements related to:

  • Eligibility to be certified as a subscriber, the requirements for issuing, renewal, suspension and revocation of certificates, and recognizing a certification authority.
  • The electronic form of applications, instruments, plans, plan applications, returns and other documents.
  • The information that must be contained in an electronic form and how a form must be completed.
  • Incorporating an electronic signature into an electronic instrument, declaration and plan application.
  • The manner in which an electronic form must be transmitted electronically, including the technology that must be used.
  • Land title documents that may only be submitted electronically to the land title office and any exceptions to those requirements.

2. PDF iconAuthorized Subscriber Register DR 01-13
(formerly named Director's Requirements for the Authorized Subscriber Register)

This document establishes the Authorized Subscriber Register (ASR) and sets out the requirements for membership in the ASR, including:

  • Criteria for membership
  • Procedure for application for membership in the ASR

3. PDF iconElectronic Land Title Forms and Supporting Documents DR 03-11 
(formerly named Director's Requirements for Electronic Land Title Forms)

This document sets out the requirements for electronic land title documents including the:

  • Form of the document.
  • Information to be contained in the form.
  • Manner of completing the document.
  • Manner of incorporating an electronic signature into a document.

4. PDF iconHardcopy Land Title Forms DR 04-11 
(formerly named Director's Requirements and Approval for Hardcopy Land Title Forms and Plans)

This document sets out the approved hardcopy forms for an application under the Land Title Act and the requirements for completing those forms.

5. PDF iconDirector's Requirements for Hardcopy Land Title Transfer Forms [DR-05-11] is now RESCINDED.

The requirements now form part of PDF iconHardcopy Land Title Forms DR 04-11.

Please note there is no change to the following publications:

New Associated Publications

Effective today are the following new associated publications:

1. PDF iconApproved Supporting Documents for Electronic Forms

This document, formerly part of DR 01-11, defines a supporting document and designates approved documents with the application requirement which may be a Form 17, Strata Property Act Filing Form, or Declaration.

2. PDF iconValid and Retired Versions of Electronic Forms

This document, formerly part of DR 01-11, designates electronic forms that may be submitted to the land title office through the LTSA's Electronic Filing System. The document includes:

  • Valid versions of form templates and the date approved.
  • Retired versions of form templates and the date retired.

3. PDF iconCompletion Instructions for Electronic Forms

Formerly part of DR 03-11, this document sets out requirements for completing electronic form templates including form fields, drop down menus, or tick boxes to input or select content on the form. Also included are detailed instructions for completing and signing electronic forms.

4. PDF iconCompletion Instructions for Hardcopy Transfer Forms

Formerly part of DR 05-11, this document sets out requirements for completing hardcopy transfer forms that include specific definition of form format, legibility, and detailed instructions for completing transfer forms.