How can I find the Parcel Identifier (PID) for a property?

You can search for a PID using ParcelMap BC, the LTSA's online map of active...

How do I know which land title district my property is in?

View a map of the Land Title Districts in BC for more information.

What kinds of jobs do you recruit for and how often do you post positions on your website?

Most of the career opportunities at the LTSA are for Examiners of Title in Land Title services, or Technologists for Surveyor General services....

One of the registered owners of a land title has died. How can their name be removed from the title?

Transferring title such as after the death of a spouse or owner on title requires the expertise of a legal professional. See...

The Director of Land Titles (Director) will introduce new versions of land title form templates on March 20, 2017. These updated forms will be available for download through myLTSA Enterprise or on the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) website:

  • Form C - Charge
  • Form 17 - Fee Simple
  • Form 17 - Charge
  • Form 17 - Cancellation of Charge, Notation or Filing

Once available, the Director recommends practitioners download the latest versions of the forms for immediate use. Previous versions will still be accepted but will be phased out later this year.

New Form Templates

Improvements to the form templates include:

Form C - Charge (Version 22)

  • When the Nature of Interest Transfer of Charge is selected, Terms of Instrument Part 2 is automatically appended to the form. The terms include a statement of transfer and editable fields for consideration and additional terms.
  • Remove Nature of Interest Equitable Interest. Please use the Nature of Interest Equitable Charge for this application type.

Form 17 - Fee Simple (Version 12)

  • Corrected a spelling error in Nature of Interest Land Title Inquiry Act Certificate

Form 17 - Charge (Version 13)

  • When the Nature of Interest Power of Attorney is selected, the text "Not Applicable" will appear in the Charge Owner Name Field
  • Added Nature of Interest Escheat
  • Removed Natures of Interest Postponement Agreement (Form 24). Assignment of Judgment, Transfer of Mortgage (Form 27). These hardcopy forms were retired on January 1, 2017. Please use the Form C - Charge for these application types.

Form 17 - Cancellation of Charge, Notation or Filing (Version 14)

  • Removed Nature of Interest Cancellation of Charge by Court Order s.35 Property Law Act. Please use the Nature of Interest Charge by Court Order (no PTT) for this application type.