Your title is a source of some of the information shown on your property tax assessment and notice.

Below are some common reasons for calls to the land title office prompted by property tax assessments and notices.

  • If the assessed value is inaccurate, contact BC Assessment
  • If the property address is wrong, a Form 15 Notice of Change of Address must be mailed to the LTSA. Follow these instructions
  • If the name is inaccurate, a Form 17 and original documents must be mailed to the LTSA along with payment. Follow these instructions
  • If you need to remove the name of a deceased person from title, the LTSA recommends that you contact a notary or lawyer. Failure to do so may result in a defect application which could incur extra time and costs
  • If you have recently purchased or sold a rural property, please note that there may be a delay with land title records being reconciled with records of the Office of the Surveyor of Taxes. For further information, please contact your conveyancing professional.

The LTSA does not provide legal advice and cannot assist customers with completing application forms for land title registration or conduct title searches over the telephone.

The general public should contact lawyers, notaries, land surveyors, or independent registry agents to conduct title searches and filings, and to obtain copies of title documents. Consult Hire a Professional to Assist You for contact details.