What is the purpose of the Authorized Subscriber Register (ASR)?

The purpose of the Authorized Subscriber Register (ASR) is to provide certain organizations that issue and submit land title documents over the...

What is the address for the land title office?

The LTSA has land title offices in Kamloops, New Westminster and Victoria. For hours and address information, visit...

What kinds of jobs do you recruit for and how often do you post positions on your website?

Most of the career opportunities at the LTSA are for Examiners of Title in Land Title services, or Technologists for Surveyor General services....

What is a Parcel Identifier (PID)?

A Parcel Identifier or PID is a nine-digit number that uniquely identifies a parcel in the land title register of in BC. The Registrar of Land...

Why can't the land title office give me legal advice?

Land title staff are unable to advise on legal rights or actions associated with land titles and charges. The Registrar of Land Titles and staff...

As announced on August 13, 2020, customers are reminded that changes to Statutory Right of Way (SRW) applications affecting land within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) are coming into effect on September 30, 2020. The Director of Land Titles will also update the E-filing Directions to allow the designate to have possession of a true copy of the Notice of Statutory Right of Way response form issued by the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) rather than the original supporting document.

Changes to SRW Applications
Due to an amendment to the Agricultural Land Commission Act, a new section 18.1 has been added that requires SRW applications affecting land within the ALR to be accompanied by the Notice of SRW response form issued by the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC).

In practice, this means that the Form C Charge SRW application must be accompanied by a Declaration form that appends the Notice of SRW response form issued by the ALC. The Registrar will not accept any SRW applications submitted on or after September 30, 2020 affecting land within the ALR that do not meet these requirements.

For land surveyors, this practice change does not impact the filing of SRW plans separate from the charge document. However, if the plan forms part of a package with the charge document, then proof of the ALC notice is required and must be provided to the Registrar.

Customers are asked to contact the Agricultural Land Commission to create the Notice of SRW form and address any questions you may have about the Act or its amendments.