In the 2016 LTSA Stakeholder/Customer Survey results, customers recommended three key improvements to LTSA services:

  • Provide clearer information in land title defect notices issued to customers
  • Increase the consistency of examination of land title applications
  • Improve access to help materials

This month, the LTSA introduced improved guidance to land title examiners for preparing non-standard (specialized) defect reasons. Other actions taken since the survey was conducted in September 2016 include:

  • Land title offices sharing examples of inconsistent examination decisions with each other to avoid future occurrences
  • Publishing information about common errors and reasons for defects to help customers
  • Ensuring Land Title practice updates are communicated in a timely way and through multiple channels (e.g. Practice Note 01-18, Strata Property Act)

The LTSA is conducting its next Customer Survey in September 2018, and results will be shared with customers in November 2018.