The LTSA has land title offices in Kamloops, New Westminster and Victoria. For hours and address information, visit...

Section 381 of the Land Title Act establishes an exemption from payment of the statutory fees incurred by taxing authorities for searches...

View a map of the Land Title Districts in BC for more information.

You can search for a PID using ParcelMap BC, the LTSA's online map of active...

The ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group (AWG) was created in 2018 in collaboration with ICI Society.

The AWG is represented by 15-20 participants from local governments, the Province, land surveyors, and other stakeholder groups who can benefit from adopting ParcelMap BC as the current, complete and trusted electronic map of active titled parcels and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels in BC.

The creation of AWG is a key part of a collaborative plan to support the province-wide adoption of PMBC. The AWG acts as a forum where participating organizations will collaborate with facilitators and each other to discuss challenges and identify solutions for the successful province-wide adoption of ParcelMap BC.

Participants advocate for the interests of peer organizations in the work group sessions.

Highlights from AWG Sessions

AWG Working sessions help to identify value-added products and services that will enhance the value of ParcelMap BC to their organization.