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The ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group (AWG) was created in 2018 as a forum to engage with stakeholders in BC’s cadastral mapping community to address issues related to the adoption of ParcelMap BC.

Founded in conjunction with the ICI Society, the AWG is a dynamic group of approximately 30 participants including local governments, provincial ministries, land surveyors, utilities and other stakeholders with interests in parcel mapping.

The AWG gathers monthly with every 2nd meeting held as an in-person workshop. Participants advocate for the interests of peer organizations in the working sessions, where issues are investigated by the group and resolution may involve organizing a sub-group to address targeted topics.

Adopter Issues

The driving force behind the AWG’s activities is the Adopter Issues Log, a compendium of issues related to adopting ParcelMap BC. Issues are triaged by the group into challenges or opportunities before being prioritized and assigned to investigate possible resolutions. 

Challenges are defined as issues which constrain or delay the adoption of ParcelMap BC. Opportunities are defined as issues that exist in current workflows which, if addressed, represent value-add benefits for ParcelMap BC adopters.

The Adopter Issues Log is reviewed monthly by the AWG, with a status report produced after each working session. Please see below for AWG #15, January 22, 2020.

Highlights of AWG achievements include:

  • Alignment of key 3rd party maintained datasets, including the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) boundaries and Assessment Fabric;
  • Creation of the Data Alignment Sub-Group, aimed at developing workflows and tools to support aligning data with ParcelMap BC;
  • Creation of the Land Records Sub-Group, focused on the integration of ParcelMap BC with land records systems including a standardized option for Tempest users;
  • New resources, including an app, to publicly share operational plans and progress related to spatial improvements in ParcelMap BC;
  • Improved product documentation and associated resources for ParcelMap BC.

Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in the AWG, have a challenge or opportunity you’d like to raise for the group to investigate or simply would like to learn more, please contact ParcelMapBC@ltsa.ca