ParcelMap BC integrates over two million active titled and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels into a current, complete and trusted spatial representation of the cadastre in British Columbia.

ParcelMap BC includes the parcel identifier (PID) from the land title register for titled parcels. The parcel identification number (PIN) is also included for surveyed Crown land parcels in the Crown land registry. ParcelMap BC includes jurisdiction and roll number (JUROL) information for titled parcels where available, based on a JUROL to PID relationship supplied by BC Assessment

ParcelMap BC Search

The ParcelMap BC Search service is accessed by myLTSA users and guest users to view and search the ParcelMap BC fabric. Parcels in ParcelMap BC can be searched for in this service using text input - including PID, PIN, JUROL, plan number and short legal description - or through defining an area of interest by shape or by clicking on the map.

The ParcelMap BC Search service includes map layers that provide additional context and parcel views. Available layers include:

  • Parcels by Class: Colour-filled parcel polygons contained in the parcel fabric rendered by class. This includes ownership parcels and interest parcels.
  • Crown Layers: Crown undersurface features, Crown transportation features, Crown timber features, Crown statutory right of way features, Crown surveyed features (primary and subdivision).
  • Administrative Boundaries: assessment areas, integrated survey areas, land districts, land title districts, federal harbour and port authorities, municipalities, regional districts, treaty First Nations lands, Indian reserves, national parks, parks and protected areas, conservancy areas.
  • Contextual basemaps including roads, terrain and imagery.

The ParcelMap BC Search service uses information and services that are collected by other organizations under arrangements that permit its use.

Other Parcel Information

Each parcel in ParcelMap BC is assigned an Owner Type, depending on whether the parcel is associated with an active title. Learn more about Owner Types.

Building Strata parcels are represented two dimensionally based on the horizontal extent of the parent parcel. Each related building strata lot is linked to this parcel representation for completeness. For Bare Land Strata parcels, individual strata lots are mapped individually, including any common property. In the case of phased strata (both Building and Bare Land), the phase extent is mapped as part of the parent, with that phase's strata lots associated to it and the remainder of the parent mapped separately. With each phase amendment, the remainder shrinks and the strata representation parcel grows. Assuming all phases complete, the full extent of the parcel will become the original parent parcel with all strata lots associated to it.

Air space parcels are included in ParcelMap BC, each represented two dimensionally using the horizontal extent of the parent parcel and individually attributed. Air space parcels and the remainder parcel representation will overlap topologically. 

ParcelMap BC will include interest parcels on a go-forward basis from the date when the region first entered operational maintenance in ParcelMap BC. Interest parcels are captured in ParcelMap BC for charges that are defined on a plan filed with the LTSA. These could be easements, covenants, rights of way over titled parcels or Statutory Right of Ways (SRWs) over untitled Crown land. In ParcelMap BC, interest parcels will topologically overlap other cadastral parcels. Similar to air space parcels, volumetric charges are represented two dimensionally using the horizontal extent of the parent parcel but attributed as Interest parcels.