When does the subscriber have to deliver the true copy or copy of the true copy of the original electronic instrument to the Registrar?

The subscriber must be in position to deliver the true copy or copy of the true copy of the original electronic instrument if requested by the...

My local government office has a non-fee paying account for searching LTSA records. Can I use this account to submit EFS documents?

No. The local government must use a fee paying account for electronic filing. The non-fee paying account may only be used for searching LTSA...

Who qualifies as a subscriber approved by the Director of Land Titles to acquire a digital certificate?

Currently, a subscriber may be a BC lawyer in good standing with the Law Society, a BC notary public in good standing with the Society of Notaries...

Which subscribers can electronically sign land title forms?

For land title forms Form A, Form B, Form C - Charge and Form C - Release, a subscriber may be either a BC lawyer, notary public or member of the...

Business professionals and government customers file applications with the LTSA using the myLTSA system. A live training webinar is a great way to get started and learn more about using this system.

Web Filing Webinars

Web Filing is an update to the LTSA's electronic filing system. Web Filing forms eliminate the need for offline PDF form templates, and are prepared online using the myLTSA portal.

In a Web Filing webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the difference between a Web Filing Form and a PDF Form Template
  • Set up your Juricert Certificate in myLTSA
  • Set up your Property Transfer Tax payment authorization
  • Create a Web Filing package and add applications
  • Submit an application to the Land Title Office

The Web Filing live webinars will provide an opportunity for you to see a demonstration of Web Filing capabilities and ask questions. Each session is expected to last one hour and is eligible for a CPD credit.

Click on a date below to register:

Wednesday August 19, 2020 at 11:00am 

Customers are asked to contact myLTSA Technical Support with any questions. Please email myLTSATechSupport@ltsa.ca or call 604-630-9630 or 1-877-577-LTSA (5872), and select Technical Support.