Individuals and non-government organizations are able to register a covenant on private lands. Anyone interested in registering and holding...

The Surveyor General Division has developed the following downloadable checklists to assist land surveyors in preparing complete application submissions. The checklists are available in Microsoft Word with embedded checkboxes.

Accretions (Section 94 (1)(c) Land Title Act)

Natural Boundary Adjustments (Section 94 (1)(d) Land Title Act)

Accretions or Natural Boundary Adjustments on SRW Plans (Section 118 (1) Land Title Act)

Block Outline Surveys (Section 69 Land Title Act)

Exemptions, Order to Exempt Submerged Lands From Returning to the Crown (Section 108(3) Land Title Act)

Explanatory Plan of Blocks Within E&N Land Grant (Section 70 Land Title Act)

Inclusions, Crown Road or Water Body Shown on Crown Grant Tracing (Section 58 Land Act)

Mineral Title Plan