Section 69, Land Title Act

  • Rather than initially posting every corner of every new parcel created on a subdivision plan, a land surveyor may place only a small number of control monuments if he or she elects to proceed under section 69 of the Land Title Act. Under this section, all parcel corners are given a mathematical relationship to the control monuments until servicing of the subdivision is complete, at which time the land surveyor must post all the parcel corners.
  • The posting requirement is generally deferred for one year; however, extensions may be granted where development has been delayed.
  • The benefit of proceeding with a block outline survey is that a subdivision plan can be prepared and deposited in the land title office and the subdivision can be developed. Once the subdivision is developed, the posts are placed at every parcel corner. Posting after development results in a far higher long-term survival rate for survey posts.
  • Approval to use section 69 of the Land Title Act must be obtained from the Surveyor General in accordance with Circular Letter No. 461A. Please submit applications through myLTSA using the SG Form Block Outline Application and Plan (SGBO). The EFS User's Guide outlines the process to submit an application.
  • Block Outline Surveys application packages must include a completed Checklist for Section 69(3)
  • Checklists are also provided to assist in preparation of the block outline plan and the posting plan
  • Directions to Land Surveyors No. 12 provides additional information.