Who is responsible for maintaining ParcelMap BC?

The Surveyor General Services of the LTSA is responsible for the quality of the land survey structure for the Province, and the LTSA is the...

Where can land surveyors view the ParcelMap BC dataset specifications?

Visit the Survey Plan Datasets page to view the Survey Plan Dataset specification and other...

Online Cadastre provides access to BC Crown land cadastral information and other geographic information.

The platform upon which Online Cadastre operates has been upgraded from Internet Mapping Framework 1 (IMF 1) to Internet Mapping Framework 2 (IMF 2). Although the datasets that are displayed on the new Online Cadastre include all those that were previously available, the look and feel of IMF 2 is quite different from IMF 1 and is similar to what a user experiences with Google Maps.

This upgrade was initiated and conducted by the BC Government, which hosts Online Cadastre, as part of their migration from the iMapBC to iMapBC 2.0 platforms.

The government provides iMap BC 2.0 reference guides that may be of assistance to users. See iMap BC Guides.

Developed as a cooperative venture between the LTSA and BC Government, the LTSA is responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the system. The Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services is responsible for housing the system for accessing provincial land and resource data.

Should you require further assistance using Online Cadastre on the IMF 2 platform, please contact us at Surveyor.General@ltsa.ca or by phone 1-877-577-LTSA (5872) or 604-630-9630.