September 2008

Plan Size and Orientation

Electronic Plans up to 4 metres in length can be submitted through the Electronic Filing System. Rights of way plans or other plans types if approved by the Registrar of Land Titles cannot exceed this size limit.

Further to the specification provided in Survey Rule 3-1 or 3-2, if your plan image is going to exceed the standard E size, please ensure that it is attached to the Certification form in portrait orientation, and not in landscape orientation. In other words, attach and rotate the plan length wise, not width wise.

Font Type

Electronic Plans are converted to TIF format when submitted to the Land Title and Survey Authority. If the software the LTSA uses for this conversion does not recognize the font used in the PDF that is submitted, the software will substitute all text with a default font. This could affect the appearance and legibility of the plan. Surveyors are encouraged to use standard fonts so that the final tif version of the plan remains an exact copy of the PDF submitted for registration. If you are in any doubt please send a sample plan to the Surveyor General Division at and we can test the conversion for you.


Jeff Beddoes, BCLS
Senior Deputy Surveyor General