The LTSA's land title and survey records can be divided into several general categories. Historical records have enduring value for legal, survey, research and conveyancing purposes and may include any of the following types of records.

  • Land titles: Records of property ownership and various interests that affect ownership.
  • Land title documents: Legal instruments deposited with the LTSA that create and affect ownership of interests in land.
  • Survey plans: Plans showing the legal boundaries of Crown and private land parcels and interests.
  • Field books: Historic books containing survey field measurements, notes and other observations.
  • Crown grants: Documents setting out the terms and conditions of a transfer of a Crown land parcel to private ownership.
  • Index books: Various books/ledgers containing references and notations about parcels, ownership, companies, documents, plans and other records, and that function primarily as "finding aides" to enable the retrieval of land title documents and survey plans.