LTSA Announces Modest Fee Changes

Most LTSA services fees, including Land Owner Transparency Registry fees will increase by a small amount as of April 1, 2023. LTSA uses revenue from fees to cover operational costs and address the impact of inflation. Learn More

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Online Change of Name on Title Application for BC Property Owners

LTSA has introduced a new online application for property owners to change a name on title. Learn More

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Front Counters Open By Appointment Only Alert Level: LOW

Please be aware that LTSA’s Land Title Office front counters are open by appointment only. Many common transactions are now available online. To book an in-person visit, contact the Customer Service Centre at 1-877-577-LTSA (5872) .

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Claim of Builders Lien Online Application Now Available

File a Claim of Builders Lien application online at The new online application includes the option to easily prepopulate key information. LTSA encourages customers to use the online form to submit an application online, by mail or in person.

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Operational Excellence

The LTSA’s operational accomplishments are aimed at identifying and implementing continuous improvements. Key business initiatives and achievements delivered to support this objective include:

Maintain Consistent Average Application Processing Times

During the year LTSA received over one million land title applications, a new record. These record volumes would not have been able to be processed within the processing times without the automation work done historically and the improvements in the least few years. The 12 month automation rate was 58%.

LTSA continued to focus on increasing automation and increasing customer success with applications to reduce
defects. In April 2021, Project Echo was launched internally with planned activities to retire legacy PDF forms, increase electronic web-based filings, refining automation processes and increase the number and types of forms that can be automatically processed. During this reporting period, three key PDF forms were retired and replaced by Web Filing forms, a number of product releases were performed to increase form validations and reduce defects, standardized terms were introduced for certain natures of interest to allow for automated examination and LTSA began building additional electronic filing submissions from the provincial government. LTSA also worked with customers to reduce defects in the year through hosting webinars and education sessions, and preparing and updating materials and guides on the LTSA website to support customers through the application process and to help them understand common filing errors.

Finally, to ensure accuracy and integrity of the land title register, the Director of Land Titles continued activities related to a Quality Assurance Program to maintain the accuracy of information and support continued customer trust and confidence in the register.


Customer Engagement and Outreach

Customer feedback is critical for helping LTSA to maintain accountability, to learn how LTSA can improve and to inform business priorities. The annual Customer Relationship Health Survey is a key component of customer engagement, along with workshops and webinars, advisory committees, social media and post-transaction feedback. Until 2020/21, Customer Satisfaction was used as a measure of success and was evolved to Customer Experience in 2021/22, in order to better reflect the perspective of customers in their interactions with LTSA. The organization is using the comprehensive results from the Customer Relationship Health Survey to identify ongoing enhancements to our customers’ experience. In 2021, a virtual chatbot was introduced to the property owner pages of the website, to help respond to customers’ need for clear information. Other usability improvements, such as navigation and functionality changes continue to be added to myLTSA and to help customers find information more easily.


Cyber Security and Resilience

LTSA has a robust cyber security program in place, given that the majority of LTSA services are delivered online with modern technology. To ensure continued vigilance against malicious online attacks, LTSA has implemented preventative measures to minimize risk, including frequent vulnerability and threat assessments, network penetration testing, regular security risk reviews, regular reviews and updates to IT policies and procedures, vendor security and privacy impact assessments, and regular security awareness training and testing for employees and contractors. In 2021/22, LTSA also completed application security testing for a number of new products including the LOTR search module and eStrataHub and performed ongoing security testing for applications already in production. LTSA improved the incident detection and response capabilities, performed a number of incident scenario analysis and tabletop exercises and reviewed and improved internal systems’ security compliance systems.