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The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”) establishes rights of access entitling members of the public to request information in the custody or control of a all public bodies in British Columbia.  As a public body, the LTSA is subject to these requirements. under FIPPA.  Requests for information under FIPPA are commonly referred to as Freedom of Information Requests, or simply FOI Requests.

Note: Most of the land title and survey records managed by the LTSA are publicly available through the Land Title Offices or Office of the Surveyor General.  These records are not available by FOI Request and must be obtained using the dedicated access channels in place for publicly available records.  The LTSA also publishes certain information relating to its ongoing operations and this information can be obtained directly from LTSA’s website. 

How to Request Records under FIPPA 

  • Complete LTSA’s FOI Request Form providing as many details as possible about the records you are requesting:
    • document name and/or description
    • relevant date range
    • any other details that will assist LTSA in identifying the specific information you wish to obtain
  • LTSA will respond to the submitted request within 30 business days.
  • To request information on behalf of another person, you must also complete LTSA’s Authorization to Release Records Form and submit this with the FOI Request Form.
  • To request personal information about yourself, you must produce a legible copy (both sides) of your Government Issued Identification so that LTSA may verify your identify before releasing the records to you.

If the LTSA collects “personal information” (as defined in FIPPA) in connection with processing the FOI request:

  1. the purpose of collecting such information is to consider and process the request (FIPPA section 26(c));
  2. the LTSA will use and disclose such information only for the purpose of considering and processing the request;
  3. the LTSA will manage such information in compliance with FIPPA and the LTSA’s Personal Information Protection Policy; and
  4. the contact information of the person in the LTSA who can answer questions about the collection of such information is set out below.

Process for Records Requested under FIPPA 

LTSA’s Privacy Officer will provide an acknowledgement of receipt of your FOI Request and may communicate with you while processing the request to seek clarification or provide you with a status update.  All records released through LTSA’s privacy office are reviewed in advance to ensure to ensure the disclosure is consistent with FIPPA’s privacy requirements.

Records that are available for purchase under another statute cannot be obtained by FOI Request and must be obtained through the dedicated access channel for those records.  

How My Identity is Verified 

The LTSA takes steps to verify identity before releasing records that may contain personal information about any person.

LTSA follows BC Government guidance to determine which types of Government issued identification may be used to confirm a person’s identify. These currently include:

  • Driver’s Licence or Learners Licence (Canada or US)
  • BC Services Card
  • Combination Driver’s Licence and BC Services Card
  • BC Identification Card
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status
  • Permanent Resident Card

LTSA will deliver records produced in answer to an FOI request as follows:

  • Electronically (to a confirmed email address)
  • By mail (to an address confirmed in government issued ID)
  • In person (the applicant must present accepted identification at the time of pick-up)

What are the Costs? 

Freedom of Information requests may incur fees. Fees are charged in accordance with FIPPA and depend on the type and quantity of records requested and the time required to locate the records.  A fee estimate is provided to the FOI applicant prior to work being undertaken to produce the records.

Where to Direct Questions

Questions about the different types of information that LTSA collects and maintains or about a specific FOI Request should be directed to the following:

By Phone:

Greater Vancouver area: 604-630-9630 (Press 1)

Elsewhere in BC, Canada and the US: 1-877-577-LTSA (5872 – Press 1)

By Email:


By Mail:

Privacy Officer
Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia
Suite 200, 1321 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC V8W 9J3

If you have concerns about how your request was handled, you may contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia. The Commissioner is an independent Officer of the Legislature of British Columbia who monitors how public bodies respond to requests for access to information and how they protect the privacy of personal information. If there is a dispute between you and a public body about your information and privacy rights, the Commissioner has the authority to investigate. The Commissioner ensures that your rights under FIPPA are protected and that disputes are resolved in a fair and unbiased manner.