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When a strata corporation is established in BC, it is required by the Strata Property Act to file copies of its strata plan, bylaws and other records with the land title office. The land title office will have the official copy of the strata plan but will not usually have the most recent copies of bylaws and other strata information.

Contact a registry agent or other professional to request the latest information for a strata or request copies through eStrataHub, a third-party portal.

Identify your Strata

The official name of a strata includes its unique strata plan number. The strata plan number can be used when searching for a strata’s plan as well as its common property record with LTSA.

A strata plan number is usually found at the end of a parcel’s legal description. It is typically a two or three letter code followed by a number, such as ‘VR 1234’ or ‘LMS 789’. The letters refer to the region and the time of strata plan registration.

For help understanding strata plan number prefixes, refer to the Land Title Plan Prefixes guide.

Order Strata Documents

Strata Plans

You can order the official copy of a strata plan by mail or online from LTSA. To order online, register for a myLTSA Explorer account.

Learn how unit entitlement is determined or read the Strata Property Act requirements for information about what a strata plan includes. Each strata lot has its own unique PID and lot number that can be found in its legal description.

Common Property Record

Strata owners own their individual strata lots and together own the common property as a strata corporation. The strata plan common property record registers any charges and legal notations affecting the common property. It is free to search using myLTSA. Use the strata plan number to search for a strata’s common property record

Strata Bylaws and Other Filed Records

To order copies of bylaws, a strata’s registered mailing address, and other records filed at the land title office, contact a registry agent to help.

Strata Minutes, and Other Information

Strata councils or strata property managers can provide documents such as a Form B, minutes, and financial records. For properties that have strata managers, property owners and authorized persons can order strata documents online through a third-party portal called eStrataHub. Payment is by credit card. For more information, refer to the eStrataHub quick start guide or contact APIC customer service at 1-877-953-8253.

Strata Property Resources

About Strata Transactions

  • If you are a strata corporation with 7 units or less you can file Strata Property Act forms, including amendments to your strata’s bylaws, by mail to LTSA. The BC Laws website offers examples of Strata Property Act  Forms and Strata Property Act  Form I in the Strata Property Act Regulations. To submit Form I, please mail the completed Form I with a copy of your amended bylaws. Also include a filing letter with your strata number and your name, address and phone number in case we need to contact you. Please copy and paste the required form template into a Word format. Completed applications with fees should be mailed to the land title office in New Westminster.
  • Dissolving a strata is a very complicated process. LTSA recommends you seek legal advice from a professional. To learn about dissolving a strata, you may refer to Part 16 of the Strata Property Act.

Strata Property Act Forms

Some Strata Property Act forms are required by the land title office when transferring a strata property, such as a Form F Certificate of Payment.

The Form F certifies either that no money is owing to the strata corporation or that money is owing but arrangements have been made to pay or dispute the amount. This form is not a land title form but is required by the land title office when transferring a strata property or for a lease or assignment of a lease pertaining to a strata lot. The strata corporation is responsible for providing the Form F.

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