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Learn how to update your mailing address on title with LTSA’s online application form or learn how to make other changes to title.

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Please be aware that LTSA’s Land Title Office front counters are open 9 am – 3 pm, Monday to Friday by appointment only. Many common transactions are now available online. To book an in-person visit, contact the Customer Service Centre at 1-877-577-LTSA (5872) .

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All land title applications undergo a complete examination after they are received. LTSA recommends you consult with a legal professional who can provide advice on compliance with these statutory forms and related matters.

LTSA employees are not permitted to provide legal advice or assist in completing forms. However, if you prepare properly executed documents that meet statutory requirements, land title employees will accept them for registration.

Online applications for making changes to title

Use the BC Services Card app to verify the identity of the applicant and submit online. The applicant may be the person requesting the change to the title or someone acting on their behalf.

The following applications can be filled out online and then submitted using the BC Services Card app, by mail or in person by appointment.

If you don’t have a BC Services Card, you can still fill out the form online, download and print it and then submit a hardcopy (paper) form by mail or in person. If you do not have access to a printer, contact LTSA Customer Support at 1-877-577-LTSA (5872), press 1, for assistance.

Paper application guides for making changes to title

These guides will help you prepare a paper application for the following application types:

Changing ownership on title

Transferring ownership on title, such as after the purchase of a new home, a change in marital status or the death of a spouse, may require the expertise of a legal professional. You may wish to engage a legal professional to act on your behalf and help with important legal considerations such a estate planning, future title ownership needs or land tax deferment possibilities.

You must use a legal professional if any of the owners on title are a corporation, trustee of a trust or (business) partner in a limited partnership.

Transmit Interest to Surviving Joint Tenants

Upon the death of one owner, the interest of the deceased joint tenant passes to the surviving joint tenants. Tenancy on title must be Joint Tenants.

Transmit Interest to a Personal Representative

A change of ownership of land due to death, sale under execution, order of court or other act of law, or on any testamentary settlement or legal succession in the case of intestacy. A Personal Representative is the person who administers the estate of a deceased person as executor or Court-appointed administrator.

Fee Simple

Fee Simple is the form of ownership of real property (real estate) in which the owner has the right to control and transfer the property at will.

Fee Simple Applications Require a Legal Professional

Land title forms, such as a Form A Fee Simple transfer, require the sellers to have their signatures witnessed by a lawyer, notary public or other person authorized by the Evidence Act. If your application also requires a transparency report under the Land Owner Transparency Act, a legal professional is required to file this on your behalf.