COVID-19 Notice

In order to protect the health and well-being of our employees and customers, the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) is restricting access in all Land Title Offices to only its employees, direct access pass holders and Registry Agents until further notice.

Land Title Office front counters are closed; all other office operations continue as usual. Follow us on Twitter for updates.

What is myLTSA?

myLTSA is an online tool which provides access to LTSA’s search, filing, and other services.

Get Started

If you are getting started with myLTSA, here’s what you need to know to set up your account and start using our search and filing services. The first step is to pick the right myLTSA service for you or your organization.

We offer two types of account that are tailored to our customer’s needs.

  1. myLTSA Enterprise for professional, business or government customers who regularly transact with the LTSA. myLTSA Enterprise provides access to the full suite of the LTSA’s Search and Filing and other services. Search Services are available on myLTSA Enterprise, allowing professional, business and government customers to search for titles by parcel identifier (PID), short legal description, charge number, owner name or title number and order document and plan images. You can also request or order municipal tax certificates, Parcel Activity Notifiers, Scan on Demand requests, and canceled (historic) titles.
  2. myLTSA Explorer is a single-user account for property owners or other individual customers who order a limited number of land title records each year and prefer to pay by credit card. Getting started with a myLTSA Explorer account is a quick process that will allow you to start searching titles within minutes.


What’s the difference between myLTSA Explorer and myLTSA Enterprise?

Register for myLTSA Enterprise or Explorer