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Please be aware that LTSA’s Land Title Office front counters are open 9 am – 3 pm, Monday to Friday by appointment only. Many common transactions are now available online. To book an in-person visit, contact the Customer Service Centre at 1-877-577-LTSA (5872) .

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Message From the Chair of the Board of Directors and the President and Chief Executive Officer

For the upcoming three-year period, LTSA’s strategic direction will continue our established and measured approach, building on the foundation of previous years while incorporating mindful expansions to drive our business forward.

LTSA systems provide the foundation for managing land ownership, and enable the functioning of the real property market in BC. Trusted and transparent information about land use helps foster a secure and efficient real estate market which in turn creates economic and social value for British Columbians.

The real estate market is complex and diverse, with transactions involving professionals from the legal, financial, realty and public service sectors along with property owners themselves. LTSA’s role intersects all parts of this industry spectrum, and this unique position enables us to provide leadership for the broader property market to ensure it functions to its full potential and supports a robust economy.

Together with our partners and stakeholders, we have an opportunity to evolve the real estate system and strengthen the transaction process to ensure resilience now and in the future. Our increasingly digital environment provides opportunity to connect people and information more easily, but also exposes risks associated with compromised data and fraudulent activity. We believe that evolving the real estate system to meet these social and technological changes will ensure ongoing confidence in a real property market that is trusted and transparent.

LTSA is guided by the overarching principle of serving the public interest. Any new opportunities that we pursue will demonstrate a clearly articulated public benefit and uphold our position of trust in the marketplace. In the 2022/23 fiscal year we began to report on our progress against Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles and we are continuing to work, within the context of LTSA’s mandate, towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and supporting the commitment to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), BC’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA) and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action. LTSA is proud to continue a long-standing relationship with the Lands Advisory Board to co-develop the First Nation Land Governance Registry, a modern and independent land registry for First Nations operating under the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management in Canada.

We continue to make significant investments to strengthen our core systems, incorporating innovative approaches to data and technology in ways that will benefit our customers. These efforts will help establish more efficient customer workflows, reduce our customers’ administrative overhead, and meet the demands of a digital workplace.

Building innovative and resilient systems is only possible with the commitment and involvement of our dedicated employees. We are growing our organization’s innovation capabilities through employee training and development. LTSA offers a unique value proposition to property owners, real property professions and the industry at large. Our deep domain Message From the Chair of the Board of Directors and the President and Chief Executive Officer knowledge and expertise, our collaborative relationship with the Province and our trusted data and information products help ensure the real property market functions seamlessly. We look forward to continuing to build on our foundation to maintain what the LTSA has accomplished to date and further our vision of a real property market that is trusted and transparent.

  • Robert Simmons
  • Al-Karim Kara

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