In its role as a statutory corporation, the LTSA administers the land title and survey systems in BC.

The Land Title Division of the LTSA, through its three Land Title Offices, examines document and survey plan applications to register land title interests, including fee simple ownership, financial charges such as mortgages, statutory liens, and subdivisions of land. Maintained by the Land Title Division, the Land Title Register is BC's official legal register of private land title ownership and legal charges filed against an owner's interest in land.

The LTSA's Surveyor General Division maintains all the physical records of surveys of Crown lands and all the Crown grants issued to alienate Crown land in the province. The Surveyor General Division examines survey plans of Crown land in support of maintaining the integrity of the provincial Crown land registry.

Both the Land Title Division and Surveyor General Division are led by statutory decision makers, the Director of Land Titles, together with the Registrars of Land Titles, and Surveyor General, respectively.