The LTSA provides support to First Nations and the provincial and federal governments in matters related to First Nations Treaty Settlements.

The First Nations Summit provides input to the LTSA through the LTSA Stakeholder Advisory Committee, and nominates a Director to the LTSA Board of Directors.

The LTSA has a number of roles, in statute and as defined in various First Nation final agreements, related to surveys and registrations of Treaty Lands. 

  • The Surveyor General Division is responsible for issuing survey instructions, reviewing and approving survey plans, and preparing Crown grants related to the survey and transfer of lands to a First Nation as part of the treaty process. 
  • The Land Title Division administers the requirements of Schedule 1 of the Land Title Act, which sets out how First Nation Treaty Lands are registered in the provincial land title system.

The LTSA also works with the Provincial Government in an advisory capacity for the First Nation Treaty Settlement process by providing information on boundary matters, historical records research, survey methodology, and the mapping of treaty settlement lands. First Nations that have reached a final agreement are represented in the LTSA's land title register: 

Tsawwassen First Nation, the five Maa-nulth Nations, and Tla’amin Nation have all reached a final agreement under the BC Treaty process and have portions of their Treaty Lands registered in the land title office. 


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