Why can't the land title office give me legal advice?

Land title staff are unable to advise on legal rights or actions associated with land titles and charges. The Registrar of Land Titles and staff...

What is the address for the land title office?

The LTSA has land title offices in Kamloops, New Westminster and Victoria. For hours and address information, visit...

What is the LTSA's mandate?

Established in 2005, the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) is a publicly accountable, statutory corporation responsible...

To whom is the LTSA accountable?

The LTSA is accountable to the users of British Columbia's land title and survey systems. Accountability and transparency of LTSA operations is...

Why is it important to hire a professional?

Professionals such as lawyers, notaries public, real estate agents and land surveyors contribute to having a high quality land title system in BC...

The LTSA is established as a regulated authority by legislation and is a publicly accountable, statutory corporation with a mandate to manage, operate and maintain the land title and survey systems of British Columbia. The LTSA is governed by a Board of Directors with input from the Stakeholder Advisory Committee.


The LTSA is established through the Land Title and Survey Authority Act. The LTSA's governance, fee regime and operations are established and administered in accordance with numerous provincial statutes and regulations. Key statutes of interest include the following:

Operating Agreement

The LTSA is required to meet obligations and performance targets established by the Province through legislation and contractual agreement. In accordance with the Land Title and Survey Authority Act, the LTSA operates in compliance with a written Operating Agreement with the Province.

The current PDF icon Operating Agreement is a continuation and consolidation of the Operating Agreement, as amended, to June 15, 2015. As provided at s. 14.21, the current version of the Operating Agreement is aligned with the Land Title Act changes which came into effect by BC Reg. 151 / 2015. 

Prior versions of the Operating Agreement are available for download from the right side of this page, or by request--along with any questions--to moreinfo@ltsa.ca.

LTSA Performance Targets

The LTSA reports annually in its public Annual Report about achievement of its performance, including achievement of the performance targets established in the PDF icon Operating Agreement.

  • Land Title Registration: 6 business days
  • Crown Land Survey Plan Approval: 21 business days
  • Crown Grant Document Issuance: 21 days

Formal performance reviews are conducted every 5 years, with these resulting reports:

LTSA Bylaws

The bylaws support accountable governance and authorize fee matters. The PDF icon Consolidated Bylaws are a compendium of current, approved by-laws of the LTSA Board of Directors.

Corporate Policies

The following policy statements apply to the LTSA's operations:

Board Governance Manual

The PDF icon Board Governance Manual establishes and defines guidelines for Board of Directors operations.

Fee Commissioner Reports

From time to time, and in compliance with the Land Title and Survey Authority Act and the PDF icon Operating Agreement, the LTSA and the Province jointly engage an independent Fee Commissioner to make determinations on LTSA fee changes, or fees for new LTSA products or services: