How do I go about subdividing my land or consolidating lots?

Please consult your municipality or regional district with respect to all subdivision and consolidation questions and applications. A BC land...

My property corner stake/post is missing. Who is qualified to survey my property?

A practicing BC land surveyor (BCLS) who is a member of the Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors is the only person qualified to legally...

A water body adjacent to my property has deposited material which, over time, has caused my property area to expand. Does this new land area now belong to me?

Under common law, a waterfront property owner does own land that has legitimately accreted to the upland through gradual and imperceptible natural...

My property adjoins a body of water that has eroded my land. How do I establish my actual property boundary?

Waterfront properties have natural boundaries that are subject to the forces of erosion and deposition (accretion). A BC land surveyor is licensed...

I have waterfront property. What are my rights?

Owners of waterfront properties enjoy certain riparian rights. These rights include access to and from the water, protection of the property from...

From time to time, the LTSA circulates direction to all land surveyors on specific Application and Survey Plan requirements. 

Access these informal direction documents using the links below. Download current versions of all Surveyor General forms noted in the direction documents.

Direction No. 16Surveys of Crown Land Pursuant to the Land Title Act and Land Act and Submission of Resultant Plans to the Surveyor GeneralUpdated June 15, 2020
Direction No. 15Establishment of Highway over Untitled Crown LandApril 2018
Direction No. 14Accretion and Natural Boundary Adjustment Applications within the Regional District of Central KootenayFebruary 2017
Direction No. 13Plan Requirements for Additions to Well Site AreasOctober 2013
Direction No. 12Electronic Submission of Statutory Applications to the Surveyor GeneralUpdated June 15, 2020
Direction No. 9Information on the Body of a Plan which will be Deposited into a Land Title Office Updated December 2010
Direction No. 5Plan Image Version ControlApril 2009
Direction No. 4Posting Plans: Completion of Application to Deposit Plan at Land Title Office FormJuly 2008
Direction No. 3Surveyor General Division Fees When Survey Performed at the Direction of GovernmentUpdated June 15, 2020
Direction No. 2Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Electronic Survey Plan Process: Process for Obtaining Approval of Electronic PlansAugust 2008

Directions to Land Surveyors are periodically reviewed and updated for usability and relevance. Directions which have been superseded or are outdated have been removed from the above table. View list of all changes to Directions to Land Surveyors.