ParcelMap BC improves the speed and efficiency of land-related research, planning and business decisions through a single, complete, trusted and sustainable spatial representation of the cadastre in British Columbia. ParcelMap BC integrates over two million active titled and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels across the province, bringing information to life in a visual way. 

ParcelMap BC was recently recognized by Esri, the global leader in spatial analytics, with a Special Achievement in GIS Award.

View Mike Thomson, Surveyor General of BC, interview with Esri International.

Access ParcelMap BC

ParcelMap BC service channels offer easy-to-use and reliable access to this current and authoritative source of spatial data infrastructure supporting land administration and development.

When accessed through the myLTSA portal, ParcelMap BC enables lawyers, notaries, land surveyors, developers, realtors, utility companies, local governments, and other stakeholders to quickly view a given parcel of land, its relationship to adjacent parcels, and access extensive information about the parcel. 

Property owners and other members of the general public can also access ParcelMap BC as a guest user. This type of access enables users to search the basic land information they need, without having to register for a myLTSA account.

Visit the ParcelMap BC Help site for assistance getting started. For support questions or data inquiries, please contact myLTSA Technical Support.

In support of the provincial Open Information and Open Data initiatives, ParcelMap BC can also be accessed through the BC Data Catalogue.

Participating Stakeholders access an additional service known as ParcelMap Direct which delivers ParcelMap BC data extracts and updates to support business operations.

ParcelMap BC Benefits

While the provincial government and many local governments have individually compiled portions of a provincial parcel fabric, the several disparate parcel fabrics that exist today are maintained on a "best efforts" basis. ParcelMap BC creates a single, complete, trusted and sustainable electronic map of active titled parcels and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels in BC. 

ParcelMap BC provides the following benefits:

  • Supports faster and more accurate real property transactions
  • Improves the speed and efficiency of land-related research, planning and business decisions through the current spatial representation of a given parcel and its relationship to adjacent parcels
  • Minimizes possible data discrepancies and confusion by reducing the need to consult separate spatial systems in BC

ParcelMap BC for Local Governments

ParcelMap BC helps local governments better serve constituents by improving the speed of land-related research, planning and business decisions, and minimize data discrepancies. It's free to access and use, and internal resources can be redirected to develop value-added spatial products for internal and external use. Learn more about Services for Local Government.

The ICI Society, the representative for local governments as participating stakeholders, is committed to assisting local governments interested in adopting ParcelMap BC as the definitive parcel fabric and in their efforts to adapt local GIS information to ParcelMap BC, with support from the LTSA.