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Learn how to update your mailing address on title with LTSA’s online application form or learn how to make other changes to title.

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Front Counters Open By Appointment Only Alert Level: LOW

Please be aware that LTSA’s Land Title Office front counters are open 9 am – 3 pm, Monday to Friday by appointment only. Many common transactions are now available online. To book an in-person visit, contact the Customer Service Centre at 1-877-577-LTSA (5872) .

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LTSA Confirms Kamloops Location for January 2022, Provides Update on Digitization of Historic Records

UPDATE October 2021: LTSA is continuing our multi-year project to digitize paper records including RNS documents. Processes are in place to ensure paper records requested by customers are digitized and made available in a timely manner.

As announced on March 10 2021, the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) is relocating its Kamloops office in January 2022. The move to a new facility in Kamloops underscores our commitment to maintain a local presence. LTSA staff positions currently based in the Kamloops office will continue to remain in the city.

Scheduled for January 24, 2022, the new LTSA Kamloops office will be located at:

Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia
Suite 900 – 175 2nd Avenue
Kamloops, BC
V2C 5W1

LTSA’s office locations are complemented by online and digital services, providing access to customers regardless of geographic location. LTSA has prioritized the digitization of historic records in Kamloops, with plans to have bound volumes and microfilm records associated with the Kamloops and Nelson Land Title Districts digitized by September 2021. Scan on Demand service will continue to assist customers with retrieving records that have not yet been digitized.

In Fall 2020, bound volumes for the Kamloops and Nelson Land Title Districts were moved to Victoria to be digitized. In Summer 2021, Running Number Series (RNS) records which have not yet been scanned will be moved to Victoria to ensure the digitization process is completed before the office move. In September 2021, remaining paper-based Kamloops records will be moved to the Victoria office where they will be stored in an expansive state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility with special fire suppression technology. While the bound volumes moved from Kamloops in Fall 2020 were initially intended to be temporarily returned to Kamloops after digitization, the process has taken longer than expected and moving the records back to Kamloops before returning to Victoria poses risk to the delicate records.  These records will remain in Victoria.

LTSA recognizes the value of historic records in its care and is committed to their preservation while enabling broader access benefiting British Columbians for generations to come. The Historic Records Advisory Committee (HRAC) continues to advise LTSA on conservation of and accessibility to all historic records in the organization’s care, with a focus on records of significance to First Nations research. LTSA is currently developing a comprehensive research guide to records of significance to Indigenous Peoples, which will provide a description and location of historical records of Indigenous interests including  records from LTSA and other related organizations.

Since 2005, LTSA has invested over $17M in historic records, resulting in both expanded access and improved quality of record reproductions available to LTSA customers. Records held by LTSA are useful for tracing historic land ownership, researching complex property boundary issues and guiding environmental stewardship. These historic records are used by LTSA staff, customers (e.g. lawyers, notaries and land surveyors) to conduct their day-to-day business, and are also of interest to historians, First Nations, genealogists and environmental researchers.

Headquartered in Victoria, LTSA also maintains offices in New Westminster and Kamloops. LTSA is a regulatory authority, independent from government, and responsible for administering the land title and survey systems of BC.

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