How does my organization become eligible to hold a conservation covenant on a particular parcel of land?

Individuals and non-government organizations are able to register a covenant on private lands. Anyone interested in registering and holding...

Note: Page updated to include instructions for Web Filing

Content for this page has been updated to include instructions for Web Filing of applications to the Surveyor General. Background information on Web Filing is available here. Technical instructions for Web Filing have been added to myLTSA’s Surveyor General Practice Guide.

The PDF versions of Surveyor General forms are now retired. Land surveyors must use the Web Filing versions of these forms moving forward. Web Filing forms can be accessed through the Web Filing menu option in myLTSA.

Section 70, Land Title Act

  • The easterly 20 miles of Vancouver Island between Goldstream Creek and near Campbell River was granted to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company in a series of land grants occurring between 1884 and 1925. This area is commonly referred to as the Esquimalt and Nanaimo (E&N) Railway Land Grant.
  • Current owners of land within the E&N grant area may wish to sell portions of their lands from time to time. In order to sell a portion of the E&N lands, that portion must have a certificate of title in the land title office. Before a title to the relevant portion of the E&N lands can be raised, that portion must first be defined. The definition of the relevant portion may be done by an explanatory plan prepared in accordance with section 70 of the Land Title Act.

  • Approval to use section 70 of the Land Title Act must be obtained from the Surveyor General.

  • Please submit applications through myLTSA using the Web Filing Surveyor General Application and Plan Submission form and setting the Application or Plan Type dropdown list to “E&N Land Title Act Section 70 Application” or “E&N Land Title Act Section 70 Plan”. The Surveyor General Practice Guide contains instructions for Web Filing.

  • In Web Filing, Checklists for application packages are integrated into the Web Filing process and are entered online. An example checklist for Explanatory Plans of Blocks within E&N Land Grant application is PDF icon located here.  

  • An PDF icon example checklist is also provided to assist in the preparation of the final plan. 

  • Directions to Land Surveyors No. 12 provides additional information.