How does my organization become eligible to hold a conservation covenant on a particular parcel of land?

Individuals and non-government organizations are able to register a covenant on private lands. Anyone interested in registering and holding...

Note: Page updated to include instructions for Web Filing

Content for this page has been updated to include instructions for Web Filing of applications to the Surveyor General. Background information on Web Filing is available here. Technical instructions for Web Filing have been added to myLTSA’s Surveyor General Practice Guide.

The PDF versions of Surveyor General forms are now retired. Land surveyors must use the Web Filing versions of these forms moving forward. Web Filing forms can be accessed through the Web Filing menu option in myLTSA.

  • Prior to undertaking any survey of Crown land pursuant to the Land Title Act or the Land Act, other than a statutory right of way, an application must be made to the Surveyor General for survey instructions and, in the case of surveys under the Land Act, for a unique parcel designation.
  • The Surveyor General may establish special survey requirements in order to maintain or enhance the province's survey structure.

  • Applications must include a copy of the accepted offer of grant or lease and the proposed survey sketch attached to the offer. Please refer to PDF icon Circular Letter 475A  and Directions to Land Surveyors No. 16 for more information.

  • Applications for parcel designations must be submitted through myLTSA using the Web Filing Surveyor General Application and Plan Submission form and setting the Application or Plan Type dropdown list to “Parcel Designation / Survey Instructions.” The Surveyor General Practice Guide contains instructions for Web Filing.

  • Once the final plan is completed in accordance with any direction from the Surveyor General, it must be submitted through myLTSA using PDF forms or Web Filing, depending on the specific application:

    • Plans which require filing through the Survey Plan Submission to Surveyor General (CLRS) form will continue to do so, as this form is currently excluded from Web Filing.
    • Plans which previously required filing through the SG Form Land Title Act Plans over Crown Land (SGLT) have now been transitioned to Web Filing and can be submitted using the appropriate Web Filing Application or Plan Type dropdown selection in the Web Filing Surveyor General Application and Plan Submission application.

In Web Filing, Checklists for application packages are integrated into the Web Filing process and are entered online. The following example checklists are provided to review in preparation for your Web Filing submission to the Surveyor General: