Section 94(1)(d), Land Title Act

  • Certain old plans of waterfront property improperly depict the location of the natural boundary. For a variety of reasons it is necessary, at times, to properly define the extent of the property. This is achieved by a BC land surveyor who prepares a new plan of the subject property, on which is shown the natural boundary in its correct location. Upon successful application pursuant to this section, the plan is certified by the Surveyor General.
  • The plan is ultimately deposited in the land title office. Upon deposit of this plan, a new indefeasible title is registered, based upon the extent of the land defined by the new plan.
  • An application must be made to the Surveyor General by a BC land surveyor in accordance with Circular Letter 459. The application must prove that the present natural boundary is in the same location today as it was at the time of the original survey.
  • Please submit applications through the Electronic Filing System (EFS). The EFS User's Guide outlines the process to submit an application.
  • Application packages for Natural Boundary Adjustments must include a completed Application Checklist.