July 13, 1994


Re: Integrated Survey Area Coordinates

NAD 83 coordinates for the following integrated survey areas (ISA) have been issued as supplementary certificates and are now on record in the pertinent land title offices and municipalities.

Nelson - ISA No. 3
Granisle - ISA No. 6
Logan Lake - ISA No. 7
Cranbrook - ISA No. 9
District of North Vancouver - ISA No. 16
Victoria - ISA No. 17
Richmond - ISA No. 18
Burnaby - ISA No. 25
Saanich - ISA No. 30
Vancouver - ISA No. 31
Parksville - ISA No. 32
Port Moody - ISA No. 35
Maple Ridge - ISA No. 36
Colwood - ISA No. 40
City of North Vancouver - ISA No. 44

Plans of surveys within Integrated Survey Areas for which NAD 83 coordinates have been issued must be carried out using NAD 83 grid bearings. There will, of course, be a grace period for surveys which are already largely completed. We would urge surveyors to rotate and translate surveys which are not at the draughting stages wherever possible.

Where surveys which were prepared on NAD 27 bearings are submitted to this office or to the land title offices, please include an explanatory note to alert staff and avoid confusion.

Yours sincerely,

Surveyor General and Director