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January 8, 1999


Re: Web Access to Integrated Survey Area Plans and Plan Scanning ISA Plans and OSG Supplementary Certificates

The Office of the Surveyor General (OSG) has created updated plans for many Integrated Survey Areas (ISAs) over the last number of months. Some ISAs also have new supplementary certificate listings completed through the OSG replacement process. These plans and certificate listings can now be viewed on the ISA Website by clicking here.

The ISAs are listed in numeric order in a table. Certificates are viewed by clicking the hot link ISA number. Plans are in Adobe Acrobat "pdf" format and can be viewed on-line or downloaded for off-line viewing using the Acrobat reader which is free and can be downloaded from this web page. ISAs with more than one plan covering the area have a link to an index plan that provides links to individual plans. The ISA plans allow name (e.g. monument number or street name) searching within each plan. Please visit the web site for more details.

Subsequent monument replacements, completed through the OSG, will be added to the current webpage list as they are finalized. Approximately two-thirds of the ISA plans are available at this time. The remaining plans are scheduled to be completed in 1999.

Survey Plan Scanning Projects - Land Title Offices and OSG

Both this office and the land title offices are scanning plans as they are deposited in the respective registries. Problems have been identified resulting from drafting procedures that have been ongoing for many years. Identified problems are:

  • Numbers and letters drafted using small fonts are difficult and sometimes impossible to read. They become blurred and blotchy when reprinted from the raster image.
  • Placement of numbers close to a line and/or use of bold fonts accentuate the blurring and bleeding effect.
  • Very faint lines do not show clearly when reproduced from the raster image.

Plans with these impediments may not be scanned, hence they will not be available via the image to desktop service.

It would be appreciated if surveyors would review drafting styles used and make necessary changes in order to help solve this problem. The regulation of font size or space between numbers and a line may solve some of the problems, however, most problems viewed to date could be resolved by considering the scanning limitations and adjusting drafting style accordingly. We are hesitant to regulate at this time, preferring to rely on the surveyor's judgement.

I have asked the land title offices to monitor this problem and advise me if they continue to receive plans that are incapable of being scanned.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by Chuck Salmon

Chuck Salmon
Surveyor General