September 28, 2001


Re: Integrated Survey Area No. 54 - Williams Lake, Official Plans and Coordinates

Part of the City of Williams Lake was constituted as Integrated Survey Area No. 54 on September 28, 2001, by the Surveyor General under authority of section 12, Part 2 of the Land Survey Act.

The official plan, NAD83 (CSRS) coordinate listings and control monument location sketches are on record in the appropriate land title office and respective municipality. Survey plans within the integrated survey area must now comply with the General Survey Instructions to British Columbia Land Surveyors. There will be a grace period until January 1, 2002 for surveys which are largely already completed. We urge surveyors to use NAD83 (CSRS), where possible, on all plans prior to January 1, 2002.

Please note that the official plan for Integrated Survey Area No. 54 is available for viewing online or downloading via the Surveyor General Division Website accessed by clicking here.

Original signed by Chuck Salmon

Chuck Salmon
Surveyor General and Director