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April 29, 2004


Re: Land Survey Statutes Amendment Act 2004

On April 29, 2004, Bill 17 Land Survey Statutes Amendment Act, 2004 received Royal Assent.

This legislation contains several amendments to the Land Survey Act and the Land Surveyors Act. In addition, there are consequential amendments to the Coal Act, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Land Act, Land Title Act, Mineral Tenure Act, Petroleum and Natural Gas Act, Pipeline Act and Strata Property Act.

On April 29, 2004 by order of the Surveyor General, the rules enacted under Section 75 of the Land Surveyors Act have been approved. As a consequence of this approval, the General Survey Instruction Regulation, BC Regulation No. 229/2001 is repealed. By resolution of the Board of Management, the Corporation of Land Surveyors of the Province of British Columbia has adopted the General Survey Instruction Rules as the initial set of rules pursuant to section 75 of the Land Surveyors Act.

Although the majority of the requirements formerly contained within BC Regulation No. 229/2001 are now established as Rules of the Corporation, the Surveyor General has retained some approval and discretionary powers. These are established by amendments to sections 12 and 13 and by the new section 14.1 of the Land Survey Act. Section 14.1 of the Land Survey Act also provides the legislative authority to require electronic submission of survey plans and to specify the standards for the submission of electronic plans.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by Rick Hargraves, BCLS

Rick Hargraves, BCLS
Surveyor General and Director